Business Security

  • Site survey and Site Assessments-Starting with a basic evaluation of current security, assets, threats, and existing plans to a detailed investigation of the entire security picture so that we can help businesses maximize their security posture.


  • Emergency Management and Preparedness
  • Employee Background Check Services
  • Security Consulting
  • Physical Security

Private Security

  • Property Security
  • Personal Protection (bodyguard services)
  • Public Events Security
  • Parties / Weddings / Group Events, etc.
Personal Protection
Our operators are highly trained protective specialists that have protected United States diplomats, dignitaries of state, business executives, entertainment industry professionals, and high threat clients in the most hostile environments around the world.
Disaster Prep
Disaster preparedness for Natural Disasters, Terror Attacks, Active Shooter scenario planning, training, and active response.
Leadership Training
Leadership Training-Using skills learned from military, and law enforcement experience we conduct a team oriented event to educate essential skills to become a leader in any environment. The skills needed to survive a life or death scenario can also be applied to effectively solving everyday problems.