about us

Broken Arrow's founder, Eric DeLaune, has had a passion for the outdoors and for service since childhood. Eric spent his youth involved in the boy scouts, hunting, and playing "army" with water pistols and BB guns. These seemingly fun things established the basic skills that would carry him through life. At 18 years old Eric enlisted into the United States Army, as an Airborne Infantry soldier. After training he was selected for the 3rd US Infantry Regiment (the Old Guard) in Arlington, Va. He became a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. During his time as a Tomb Guard, Eric completed many military certifications and established a strong background in urban warfare, firearms, and defensive tactics.
Eric later became a Police Officer in Louisiana. He quickly earned a position in the SWAT team and served as a entry member, sniper/observer, firearms instructor and canine handler executing high risk warrant service and response to in-progress violent crimes. Eric continued his education in combatives, and became a defensive tactics instructor in several systems. Eric found Ju Jitsu and began applying that knowledge to enhance the effectiveness of standard defensive tactics. As a private security contractor, Eric worked exclusively in high threat environments throughout the Middle East. He served as a team leader, Designated Marksman, Instructor in multiple disciplines, and explosive canine handler. Providing security for US Diplomats in these hostile areas extended to Eric the perfect place to enhance his skills and develop training courses that would work for anyone in any situation.

Some Credentials

Here are just a few of Eric's Training Credentials.
  • NRA- National Rifle Association Certified Firearms Instructor
  • US Dept. of State Certified Firearms Instructor
  • US Dept. of State Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • US Dept. of State Designated Defensive Marksman Instructor
  • Room Entry Dynamics/Close Quarter Battle Instructor
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Instructor
  • Canine Handler, narcotics, apprehension, and explosive
  • Sniper
  • Monadnock, PPCT, controlled force Defensive tactics Instructor
  • SWAT

Why Us

Real World Tactics
Our concept is to teach tactics that will work in high threat situations. If it will work in the worst situations, it will work in the best situations. From the first lesson to the last lesson all courses seamlessly combine into a complete system. This system will increase your chance of survival, while decreasing the risk of collateral injuries.
Experienced Trainers
All Broken Arrow instructors have operational experience performing these skills in actual missions. From mud huts in Afghanistan to urban drug labs in the US to long range interdiction missions in Iraq, our instructors have the tactics and skills to survive.
Powerful Knowledge
Broken Arrow's philosophy behind training is to build better leaders and people. We want to train people who will share their knowledge of safety, and tactics to family and friends. We have a high focus on continued education. All courses provide the tools needed to survive high threat scenarios. Broken Arrow students should walk away with the knowledge to shoot, move, and communicate.